European Digital Innovation Hubs targeted to the Walloon manufacturing business

Domaine: Manufacturing 


Lying at the heart of Europe, Wallonia (the French-speaking region of Belgium) economic history is closely linked to the role of industry, with a strong industrial past in machinery manufacturing and metallurgy. Today, manufacturing is still the driving force behind Wallonia’s exports and prosperity. Nevertheless, the foundations of the manufacturing industry need to be considerably strengthened in order to increase technological excellence as well as to facilitate the green and digital transition of the region.

WalHub, the regional EDIH, will boost the Walloon manufacturing business helping them to tackle challenges linked to customer expectations by accelerating or enhancing their digital maturity, through experimentation of key technologies (e.g. AI, HPC, CS and IoT), training and upskilling workers to meet the market needs, attracting investments, linking them to the Walloon ecosystem to ease implementation of digital technologies in their production processes and supply chain. Finally, WalHub will connect with the network of EDIHs by offering its services to SMEs from other regions across Europe and will actively engage with other EDIHs to respond promptly to the digital needs of Walloon manufacturing businesses.

To support Walloon manufacturing business to achieve greater competitiveness and sustainability at regional level, WalHub, brings together a consortium of complementary and experienced partners that will provide a comprehensive set of services aiming at accelerating the green and digital transformation of industrial and supply chain processes. WalHub is led by the industry and technology federation (Agoria) and involve 2 clusters active in Manufacturing and Transport and Logistics (MecaTech and Logistics in Wallonia), 4 research and competence centers (Sirris, Cenaero, Cetic, Multitel) and an economic development partner (IDELUX). In this project, WalHub also benefits from the support of the Walloon Digital Agency (Agence du Numérique).

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