CETIC offers its expertise to companies needing assistance to integrate breakthrough technologies into their R&D&I process. Activities include knowledge transfer and consulting, feasibility study, design and engineering, proof-of-concept, prototyping and testing. CETIC helps its customers reducing risk and accelerate time to market for new growth opportunities.

CETIC is a trusted and skilled partner in research and innovation in the application of ICT in various fields of expertise. For each assignment with a company, CETIC will put together a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to understanding its unique requirements and delivering what is required to achieve the defined goals.

These activities are characterized by the following aspects that we wish to emphasize:

  • Knowledge transfer: Our goal is not to maintain a service’s relationship with our customers, but to support them in the appropriation of new technologies in order to make them independent in their next operation.
  • Academic Links: Our proximity to with university laboratories, and various Walloon ans European R&D actors, allows us to call to a wide network of specialists.
  • Business Ethics: While performing technology transfer, CETIC takes all possible measures:
    • to protect IP between companies potentially competing with each other. By applying strict confidentiality rules, and focusing on the technology, CETIC lets companies develop their own competitive advantage in their business field.
    • to avoid any conflict of interest between CETIC itself and ICT providers. Especially, CETIC does not deliver mainstream software products. Any state-of-the-art proof-of-concept made by CETIC is transferred to the company itself, if it has internal IT skills, or to their chosen ICT provider. CETIC does not operate or maintain any software product.