Audit, guidance, and tooling

Through audits and coaching CETIC helps business partners to improve their productivity during the full development lifecycle thanks to the take-up of recognized development methodologies and the proper use of associated software tooling.

  • Advise on development work organisation following recognised development lifecycle methodologies such as ISO29110, Agile approaches and applying associated support tools – Forge, Bugtracker, automation of the build, integration, and deployment processes.
  • Assist on requirements engineering
    • Applying a goal-oriented approach to identify requirements, constraints and their relationships to elaborate complete requirements specification
    • Using creativity methods to caputre fuzzy requirements and to establish explicit priorities
  • Review software architecture of distributed systems
    • Documentation based on the 4+1 View paradigm
    • Advise on software architecture to achieve targeted scalability, to ease software evolution through modularity, and to enable migration to "as a service" in the Cloud
  • Assist with scalability testing - develop stress tests for the selected testing tool (with the possible side effect to assist with the automation of acceptance testing)