A European effort to Revolutionize Healthcare through AI and Robotics

The healthcare landscape is undergoing significant changes influenced by technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. The TEF-Health project aims to provide a combination of physical and virtual infrastructures, allowing technology providers to test and experiment with their solutions, particularly leveraging the use of these new technologies.


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Domaine: Health 



The TEF-Health project aims to assist IT application developers in the healthcare sector in bringing innovative and effective solutions to market, especially utilizing AI and robotics. The project seeks to promote widespread adoption of these technological advances. To achieve this, the project brings together partners from across Europe to collaborate on achieving this ambitious goal, including hospitals and research centers. Launched in 2023 for a duration of five years, this project aims to propel the healthcare sector towards new horizons.


A broad catalog of new services available to businesses, along with access to physical and virtual infrastructures within hospitals and other healthcare contexts. These testing services and infrastructures allow providers of innovative solutions, especially SMEs, to test, experiment, improve, validate, prepare for certification, and ultimately bring their products to market.
As part of the TEF-Health platform, CETIC offers a service catalog including tools, technologies, and support. These leverage its expertise in software and knowledge gained from its R&D projects in the field of digital health.

Added Value

Partners, organized around different nodes, including the Belgian node in which CETIC participates, each have a specific contribution to the project. Together, they provide a large-scale reference testing and experimentation platform. Collaboration among partners results in privileged access to high-quality data, patients, clinicians, and medical staff. This collaborative approach aims to create a European ecosystem where healthcare sector companies can benefit from the best available resources.