How to manage the heterogeneity of equipment in my company

How to manage the heterogeneity of equipment in my company

Hands-on workshop in French | Importance, criteria and potential: Learn how to choose and deploy a scalable IoT solution for your business.

Date: 27-06-2023

Event: CETIC event 

Domaine: Manufacturing 

About project: WalHub 


Today, more and more smart devices are part of our daily lives. Whether it is to optimize the energy efficiency of a building, to carry out predictive maintenance, to ensure better living comfort,... There are now so many connected objects. This multiplicity consequently generates a multitude of protocols, communication interfaces and IoT data formats, proprietary or not, to support and manage. A single universal protocol capable of natively supporting all the connected objects in play simply does not exist. The management of heterogeneous data sources and formats is complicated in practice. Users often find themselves constrained or even blocked either in relation to a brand of equipment or with a management system that does not completely meet their expectations.

To overcome the problems due to the large heterogeneity of sensors and equipment, we present a ‘ multi-protocol solution ’ for data management for the IoT’ developed at CETIC.

This solution serves as an intermediary between connected objects and business applications . It makes it possible to interconnect heterogeneous data from various sources by standardizing their structure and enriching their representation. It also allows them to be automatically translated into the desired format for distribution to the software or systems that need it.

This solution provides a relevant response to many problems encountered by companies, industrial in particular, who wish to have greater flexibility in their production line, offering quality predictive maintenance services, implementing data, certify installations, operate industrial gateways and data-lake solutions, or quite simply avoid proprietary lock-in and make the collection and management of their data robust and scalable.

A case of application of this solution will be presented.


10h Welcome

10h15 Walhub presentation

10h30 How to manage the heterogeneity of equipment in my company - Lotfi Guedria (Head of the ECS Department at CETIC)

11h15 Q&A

11h30 K2S demo

12h00 Lunch and Networking


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