Simulative quantification of procurement induced risk consequences and treatment impact in complex process chains

SimQRi is a CORNET project also involving the Fraunhofer Institute and which aims at quantifying the procurement induced risk and manage its impact in complex process chains.


Algorithmic and combinatorial Optimisation 

Domaine: Manufacturing 



Companies have to face increasing procurement risks especially in the globalisation context. The Project SimQRi aims at providing a holistic approach to conduct and obtain procurement-specified risk assessments including internal risk treatment, with a specific focus on small and medium enterprises in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The goal is to produce an user-friendly tooled methodology that will guide the user through the whole process of risk assessment.


The project fill produce a tooled methodology for the risk assessment and management of the procurement process. The tool will be able to calculate the probabilities of different scenarios defective (late deliveries, defective parts, poor quality ...). The impact will be evaluated using simulation of production processes through the open source toolkit OscaR to which CETIC is contributing.

Added value

This project will enable companies to fulfill strategic goals, minimize financial, reputational and productivity losses and an improved overall productivity and reliability. It will specifically support the competitiveness of the MecaTech pole by providing their companies with a toolbox for managing risks associated their increasing dependence on subcontractors and also their internal structure. It will among other help them anticipating problems of supply failures.

The results will also be applicable in a wider industrial scope, in particular for the logistics domain.