Gustavo Ospina

Gustavo Ospina

Senior R&D Engineer

Combinatorial Algorithmics


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Algorithmic and combinatorial Optimisation 

Assets: Oscar.CBLS 

Gustavo Ospina is a research engineer in the software and system engineering (SSE) department of CETIC.

After getting his B.Sc. in computer science and engineering in the University of the Andes at Bogota (Colombia), he arrived in Belgium for pursuing his career as teaching assistant and researcher about combining programming languages and paradigms. He obtained his Ph.D. in applied sciences at the UCL with a thesis on a formal framework for modelling the interoperability of programs written in different programming languages. Soon after that, he could apply his skills in multilanguage development on the SEPLanS project at the University of Namur, with the implementation of the inference engine for an expert system in successional planning.

His areas of interest are the techniques for automatic reasoning and learning, methodologies and tools for software development and modelling, analysis of source code and practical applications of declarative programming languages.