IEEE Conf on Requirements Engineering

IEEE Conf on Requirements Engineering

CETIC will take part to the 24th IEEE International Conference on Requirement Engineeing in Beijing from Septembre 12-16 2016. Several contribution resulting from European projects and industrial collaboration will be presented.

Date: 12 September 2016

Event: CETIC talks 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Co-creation for digital 

About projects

Contact : Christophe Ponsard

CETIC will perform a demontration of the new SaaS version of a collaborative requirement engineering tool resulting from a long standing collaboration with the Respect-IT company.

In the scope od the EVIDENCE project, a goal-oriented requirements engineering analysis for the collection, use and exchange of electronic evidence across EU countries->article3004] will be presented at the iRENIC workshop

Finally, the application of the [SimQRi>article2051] toolset to the design of sustainable supply chains will be will be presented at the RE4SuSy session of the MODRE workshop.