European Informatics Data Exchange Framework for Court and Evidence

EVIDENCE aims at producing a roadmap for a Common European Framework for systematic and uniform acquisition, use and exchange of digital evidence in courts of EU member states. The resulting guidelines and recommendations will explore the application of new technologies in the judicial process.

Domaine: Digital Society 

Innovation theme: Cyber Security 



The project has the following main objectives:

  • Develop a common and shared understanding on what electronic evidence is, the relevant related concepts in related fields (digital forensic, criminal law, criminal procedure, criminal international cooperation)
  • Identify current rules and criteria utilized for acquiring, processing and exchanging electronic evidence in EU Member States
  • Review and improve technical standards for guaranteeing reliability, integrity and chain of custody requirement of electronic evidence in the EU Member States.
  • Define operational and ethical implications for Law Enforcement Agencies all over Europe
  • Specify technological functionalities for a Common European Framework in acquiring and exchanging electronic evidence
  • Size the EVIDENCE market


EVIDENCE will provide a roadmap and framework for designing new relationship among all actors involved in the electronic evidence process at European and international level by setting common rules for acquiring and sharing evidence in full trust and security, and in compliance with data protection and fundamental rights.
The resulting proof of concept will propose a software platform developed by CETIC for guiding law enforcement agents in following the proper procedures when acquiring and exchanging digital evidence.

Added Value

Enterprise make extensive use of workflow engine to define their business processes and thus will benefit from CETIC’s expertise and technology on workflows further developed during EVIDENCE.