Big Data Platform

Big Data Platform

Technological Innovation Partnership "Big Data Platform"

This Technological Innovation Partnership aims at building the first version of the Big Data service catalog (infrastructure and software) which will be made available through the Platform of Innovation (PFI).


Data Science 

Domaine: Software industry 



Based on use cases in different domains, the partnership goals are to develop:

  • an efficient infrastructure meeting the needs of users
  • processing and calculation algorithms
  • business-oriented data models allowing proper data analysis
  • visualization tools providing users with a real lever of value in order to transform data into information and knowledge
Process for defining the economic model for the Platform of Innovation


The expected results are the creation of a catalog of innovative Big Data services based on the data value chain as well as on analytical packages covering the phases of creation, collection, storage, processing, analysis and visualization. These modular packages offer solutions for the descriptive, predictive, prescriptive dimensions of the analysis, storage, visualization and reporting.

Value ​​added

The added value of the project will be to allow the emergence of an economic model for the Platform of Innovation, which is designed as a portal open to Walloon companies both in the research and exploitation phases. The value for the companies will be:

  • to stimulate and emulate new economic models;
  • to enable the emergence of new jobs (e.g. Data Scientists)
  • to enable the influence of Walloon expertise and expertise;
  • to attract investors

Many sectors have significant data processing needs and will benefit of the project, among them: health, life sciences, manufacturing industry, transportation, telecommunications, energy and utilities.