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IoTBD 2016

International Conference on Internet of Things and Big Data

CETIC will be presenting the position paper "Bringing dynamics to IoT services with Cloud and semantic technologies" to the IoTBD conference (23-25 Apr. 2016)

Sébastien Dupont, Amel Achour, Fabrice Estievenart, Nikolaos Matskanis and Laurent Deru propose in this paper an innovative architecture that leverages semantic, border routers and Cloud technologies to improve the dynamics of IoT systems.

  • "border routers" provide a seamless connectivity to IoT systems
  • Cloud services offer advanced management features for IoT systems, as well as data storage and analysis at scale.
  • semantic technologies add information on the data produced by IoT devices, and on the IoT components themselves.

This architecture is illustrated through a use case in energy and smart cities context.

The work presented in this paper has been partially funded by the Walloon Region project "Plateforme BigData" (PIT Hors pôles, grant no. 7481)