Mobility Management for Ubiquitous SEnsor networks

The MANET project studies and evaluates emerging architectures and communication standards for Internet of Things (IoT) in order to address new challenges for mobility and reliability of these networks.


Scalability of embedded systems and IoT networks 

Domaine: Software industry 


Project team : Amel Achour


Based on use cases defined with industrial partners, MANET studies the management of mobility and routing optimization in the IoT networks. This includes:

  • Studying existing and future standards for mobility of smart objects between users and services (end-to-end communication);
  • Evaluating these standards through proofs-of-concepts defined with industrial partners for realistic sightings;
  • Proposing evolutions of these standards for improving the shortcomings and limits experimented during these evaluations.


The expected results are defined according to the following axis:

  • Mobility within Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN): Proposition of solutions via standardization and development of Open Source components in order to ensure compatibility and interoperability in line with IoT requirements, especially taking into account IPv6 (6LoWPAN,...);
  • Advanced routing algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks: Comparison of different protocols in order to position the architectural choices with respect to use cases proposed by industrial partners;
  • Impact of routing techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks: Proofs-of-concepts will demonstrate the functional and non functional impacts of proposed routing algorithms, help to define a methodology for practical applications with industrial partners;
  • Management of mobility and multi-homing in heterogeneous networks: management of end-to-end heterogeneous communication (multi-technologies, multi-protocols), from user’s objects to services.

Added value

CETIC will prototype the defined use cases and will transfer technological outcomes to the industrial partners. Moreover, the project will participate in the development of the industrial ecosystem via specific dissemination actions.

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