Symposium on Autonomous Systems : Where Companies meet Universities

Symposium on Autonomous Systems : Where Companies meet Universities

ID2Move invites you to its symposium on Autonomous Systems : “ Where Companies meet Universities " on May 19.

Date: 19 May 2022

Event: CETIC talks 

Domaine: Transport & logistics 

Innovation theme: Autonomous Systems 

About projects

The goals ?

  • To discuss about new technologies linked to autonomous systems (flying, driving, diving);
  • To share information about current stages of research/R&D
  • To link companies, universities and research centers and make them work together.

To whom ?

Companies, universities, research centers active in the topics mentioned above. From Belgium and abroad.

The event will be split in 3 periods:

  • Keynote speaker : ONERA
  • AM: pitches from university departments on what they are working on and which stage of development they have reached so far.
    4 topics are pinpointed:
    • Propulsion Systems, Batteries & Energy Management
    • Data Processing & Connectivity
    • Embedded intelligence
    • BVLOS, collision avoidance systems and air traffic integration
  • Lunch: poster session for everyone who wants to.
  • Afternoon: companies pitch problems they face and kind of solutions they are looking for.

All day long, booths can be visited by the participants.

Two presentations from CETIC:

Optimizing complex missions for autonomous multi-copters

Description: We present a model of autonomy of multi-copters and its application. It can optimize complex missions of multicopters such as selectively treating crops with phytosanitary products within the limit of their battery. It scales to large size problem and runs on top of the OscaR.cbls optimization engine.
Speaker: Renaud De Landtsheer

Integrate development, security and operation for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications of autonomous systems

Description: The increasing role of autonomous cyber physical systems (CPS) in critical infrastructures and in our everyday life raises various security concerns. The DevSecOps approach combines security with development and operation activities by design, in order to detect and remediate security issues as soon as possible. We propose an implementation of DevSecOps to protect cooperative and autonomous vehicles (rovers and drones) with continuous security activities such as vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and automated remediation.
Speaker: Sébastien Dupont

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