Excellence program dedicated to cybersecurity

CyberExcellence aims for research of excellence which will be transformed into innovations connected to the needs of the socio-economic sector, and which will improve the competitiveness of Walloon companies.


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Data Science 

Domaine: Software industry 

Innovation theme: Cyber Security 


The five Belgian French-speaking universities and two approved research centers are proposing an action plan spread over six years in Wallonia and consistent with the actions and objectives of the European Commission.

The objectives of CyberExcellence are:

  • to better serve the Walloon socio-economic fabric by developing an approach for thoughtful and effective cybersecurity;
  • to unify, regroup, and therefore strengthen internationally recognized cutting-edge research skills;
  • to fit into an inter-university and inter-center approach and into a digital innovation ecosystem;
  • to position Wallonia as a key player in cybersecurity on the national territory, in Europe, and beyond.