Walloon INnovations for Green Skies

To ensure the survival of the regional aeronautics industry, the Walloon Government has decided to launch an ambitious research project in terms of technology and sustainable development which brings together the key players in the sector. This PIT Aéronautique aims to develop an ambitious and sustainable Walloon aeronautic industry.


Data Science 

Domaine: Aerospace 



Context and objectives

In 2050, the aeronautics sector will have to meet the European environmental objectives of carbon neutrality. This involves the development of innovative technologies allowing the design of a new generation of aircraft.
The entire aircraft is undergoing a complete overhaul, both from the point of view of the development of new energy systems and the architecture of the aircraft itself (ultralight structure).
In addition to the reduction in CO2 emissions induced by these technological breakthroughs, the ecological footprint of the entire aircraft life cycle must be optimized during its design, during its manufacture and use, but also during its retirement.
The objective of the project is therefore to establish the technological bases essential to support the Walloon aeronautical sector in this ecological transition for the next three years.
CETIC intervenes within the framework of task "Acquisition & control system" and Work Package "Data flow management and digitization of businesses".

Contribution of CETIC

As part of this project, CETIC brings expertise in modeling specific languages (Domain Specific Languages or DSL) and at the same time, in the management and analysis of TimeSeries data. In addition, CETIC is involved in aspects related to the evaluation of data exchange platforms.


Within the framework of task "Acquisition & control system", research will focus on the following topics :

  1. Ergonomic study of computer user interfaces by exploring the implementation of a more simple and easy-to-use test bench configuration environment in order to improve productivity and minimize or even eliminate the possibility of incorrect operations / configurations by users less expert on the inner workings of Cyres software ;
  2. Research on the optimization of data and calculation flows as well as on the quality of measurements within the framework of a data acquisition system;
  3. Study of advanced post-processing tools (storage, analyzes, graphics, etc.) as part of a data acquisition system.

As part of task "Data flow management and digitization of businesses", the research will focus on the evaluation of data exchange platforms.