In recent years, the Internet of Things has been adopted and deployed in multiple domains such as smart home / smart building, industry 4.0, eHealth, etc. This ubiquity of IoT usages has increased complexity and interoperability issues. In addition, the high diversity of communication protocols implemented by smart devices as well as the heterogeneity of data formats and software interfaces for their transmission and processing, add further hurdles in data integration and its exploitation process. ​

To address these challenges, CETIC developed DMWay : Dynamic semantic mapping gateway. DMWay is a middleware that empowers and facilitates the interconnection of heterogeneous data-sources with remote data management systems. ​

In more details, DMWay is a semantics based data mapper and manager whose main objectives are:

  • to facilitate heterogeneous devices integration and data sources
  • to manage their inner semantics or adding a semantic layer when the underlying protocols came without it
  • to interconnect to data management systems such as databases or remote server based applications

DMWAY architecture is based on two main blocks. The ”User Component middleware” part is fully configurable by the user and responsible of data extraction, restructuring and mapping to the appropriate data models. The second part is the “Middleware Engine” which allows to manage the system services such as the management of plugins, components, configuration, error support, persistence, etc.

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