TrackOpt public deliverables

TrackOpt public deliverables

In the Deliverables folder below you can find some of the publicly available reports describing the results of the project.

Date: 3 May 2022

Publication: Business publications 

Domaine: Manufacturing 

About project: TrackOpt 

The overall description of the project aims tasks and activities is provided in Deliverable D5.1, the comprehensive overview of the TrackOpt project.

TrackOpt comprehensive overview

The deliverable D1.1 describes the project’s first attempt to install and operate a ladle tracking system based on Surfice Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors and Tags. After the first trial campaign the project has concluded that SAW tags have not such a long life time in the steel plant environment and their reliability doesn’t completely satisfy the process requirements of FENO plant.

Ladle tracking set-up selected and tested

The collection and storage solution of tracking data is described in the deliverable D1.2.

Acquisition and storage of ladle tracking data

Deliverable D2.1 describes use of an optical sensor based ladle tracking solution and its installation at the plant. After several months of operating, the condition of the plates and the cameras and ladle identification system are performing well in industrial conditions.

Ladle tracking system installed