eHealth for Citizens

eHealth for Citizens

ICT serving patients

In response to the ageing of society, the increase in chronic illnesses and the shortage of caregivers, this project is developing innovative IT-based services designed to respond to the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and IT providers in this sector.

Domaine: Health 

Innovation theme: Cyber Security 



In response to the challenges posed by the evolution of healthcare, eHealth for Citizens project is aimed at designing and implementing a service-oriented platform capable of combining and supporting innovative eHealth services. The services designed during the project aim to improve the quality of life of patients at home. Several specific research topics are addressed by the project team: user Interface usability, dynamic service composition, data interoperability and security.

The designed technologies are integrated and being validated through pilot projects realized in collaboration with healthcare professionals.


The first version of eHealth platform developed by CETIC integrated the following key features: health telemonitoring service with automatic alert generation, communication and entertainment services for elderly persons and specific decision support services for the Caregivers. The prototype was connected to Walloon Health Network (RSW) to enable easy and direct access to telemonitoring data by healthcare professionals.
The first pilot projects were finalizing in 2013 and analysing its results. The positive results of the pilot project allowed the CETIC team to design new components that were subsequently added and tested before the end of the project.

Added Value

The technologies developed by this project can be used to build new and innovative eHealth applications. CETIC has also developed extensive experience in the creation of applications that call for multidisciplinary expertise: various profiles in the health sector, providers of technological solutions, etc.