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Security Challenges for Remote Patient Care Systems using m-Health Technologies


Commoditisation of ICT technologies is enabling wide scale deployment of remote patient care solutions at affordable costs. These care systems are capable of answering the growing demands of providing care to the ageing population. Besides their cost benefits vis-a-vis classical solutions (e.g. rest homes), these technology-based solutions considerably improve the quality of life of the elderly population segment of society by enabling them to continue living in their own environments and their social circles. However, scope of the services offered by the current e-Health systems is generally limited to their homes. The users are unable to benefit from these services whenever they leave their homes for any reason. This situation causes frustration as the elderly people feel social isolation. This situation gives rise to the evolution of mobile Health (m-Health) systems that has the potential to ensure the comfort of a true daily living assistance of elders on the move. However, the key to success will remain the proper handling of m-Health security requirements. This paper gives a technology viewpoint of security for m-Health environments. This work is based on our experience of deploying e-Health solutions at regional, national, and European levels; and market push of the m-Health products.