eHealth for citizens

eHealth for citizens

Prix RegioStars 2019: Modernising health services (Topic of the year)

The eHealth for citizens project has been proposed to REGIOSTARS :Europe’s awards for the most innovative, regional projects.
The public is called upon to support the projects by voting for them. Go to the RegioStars Category 5 page, modernize the health services and ’like’ the ’eHealth for Services’ project at the bottom of the page.

Date: 9 July 2019

Publication: Business publications 

Domaine: Health 

About project: eHealth for Citizens 

Author : Damien Hubaux

In response to the ageing of society, the increase in chronic illnesses and the shortage of caregivers, this project has designed a service-oriented platform designed to respond to the new and emerging needs of patients, healthcare professionals and IT providers in this sector.
These innovative IT-based services aim to improve the quality of life of patients at home and several specific topics are addressed: user Interface usability, service composition, data interoperability and security.
The designed technologies are integrated and being validated through pilot projects realized in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

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