A project of the Skywin competitiveness cluster of « plan Marshall »

The TELECOM project is a research project of the Skywin Competitiveness Cluster, representing the Aerospace industry, which aims at increasing the economic potential of this sector by developing solutions to solve the constraints to which this market is subjected during new developments. Thus, TELECOM is a technological answer to the limits of the economic rise of Wallonia in this field of expertise.


Project objectives

The project is focused on the development of the new generation of embedded and electronic systems and covers, at the same time, the essential technological bricks, the researches for new generic systems and the use of all these new elements in applications and products in order to address the future needs of the aeronautical and space world.

To be able to address these new markets, the control of new digital technologies is essential and, particularly, their use in a context of certification in order to address the safety regulations of civil and military aviation. It will be also necessary to obtain concrete and shown results (e.a. demonstrators) which will be used as technological bases for the developments and industrialization of the concrete applications derived from the new needs addressed by this project.

Project result

The project is based on the creation of 2 expert centres making possible to develop 3 new technologies which support the creation of new applications:

  • Expert centres able to bring an essential know-how to access the aeronautical markets which can be too expensive for SME or for the large companies due to problems with certification and/or qualification of their components.
  • Strong potential and high added value technologies of development. Thus, the following technologies will be developed: a new system of synchronization, a new digital platform and multimodal interfaces.
  • Short term marketable products for targeted niches and profiting of a very broad market such as a new redundant clock, a new aeronautical modem and a new interface for cockpit.

Project added-value for companies

The CETIC is responsible for the Work Package aiming at establishment of an expert centre for helping the certification of software components used within embedded systems in aeronautics and requiring insurance on their safety behaviour. Thus, through this acquired expertise, the CETIC will be able to offer a help to the companies which want to certify one of their product in the field of the safety.


Thales Communication Belgium, les FPMS, les FUNDP, UCL, l’ULG