QUick Ai DRIver Design

The QuadRide project aims to package a complete BigData / AI environment allowing a customer to deploy a pilot project within a limited time frame (a few weeks at most) and at a controlled cost.


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Domaine: Software industry 

Asset: FADI 


Context and objectives

Technologies are now mature to allow companies to develop high added value artificial intelligence applications.

In the industrial field, we are thinking in particular of predictive tools, such as predictive maintenance systems or supply, stocks and/or sales predictions.

Access to business data, the frequency of its update and its quality are all major obstacles to the implementation of BI or artificial intelligence projects. Most companies have no other choice but to complete a data management infrastructure project first, before they can even validate the relevance of a predictive approach. These infrastructures are often complex and expensive: many companies are therefore hesitant and do not take the plunge.

The objective of the QuadRide project is to package a complete BigData/AI environment, centered around a stack of proven open source software, allowing a client to deploy a pilot project within a limited time frame and at a controlled cost.


The package offered by QuadRide is a catalyst for artificial intelligence projects. It accelerates the pilot phase and professionalises the project phase, since it offers a scalable, robust and innovative architecture.

It is about providing the tools and mechanisms necessary to configure a big data platform via a software assistant. Once deployed, the platform offers the various users the open source tools necessary to collect, ingest, process and visualize data.

The package therefore consists of two parts:

  • a Data Hub or Data Lake integrated into the customer’s environment and connected to the various data sources available.
  • Data analysis tools and artificial intelligence services ready for consumption.

Added value

The project will yield the following added values:

  • The first innovative point of the solution is the ease of setting up a solution for big data and AI.
  • In terms of AI services, the ambition and innovation of the project are to set up sufficiently relevant generic services allowing, within the framework of a pilot project, to validate the use of artificial intelligence for the customer’s business requirements.

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