OscaR.CBLS at EU/ME2016

OscaR.CBLS at EU/ME2016

The optimisation of complex systems team will be present to the 17th EU/ME workshop on Design and Analysis of Metaheuristics, next 17-18 March in Antwerp.

Date: 17 March 2016

Event: CETIC talks 


Algorithmic and combinatorial Optimisation 

Asset: Oscar.CBLS 

About projects

OscaR is an open source library for solving optimisation problems, composed of several modules. For many years, the CETIC has been contributing actively to that library with the development of a module which implements a powerful solver of constraint-based local search (CBLS).

The talk will give a general presentation of the CBLS solver and the main progress on easing the expressiveness of modelling the problems to solve as well as the search procedures. Several examples of concrete problems will be detailed to illustrate that aim.

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