Local Search with OscaR.CBLS

Local Search with OscaR.CBLS

Renaud De Landtsheer, Yoann Guyot, Gustavo Ospina, Christophe Ponsard, Local Search with OscaR.CBLS, Workshop Design and Analysis of Meta-heuristics, Antwerp, 17-18 March 2016.

Date: 17 mars 2016

Publication: Communication scientifique 


Algorithmique et Optimisation Combinatoire 

Asset: Oscar.CBLS 

A propos du projet: TANGO 

OscaR.CBLS is a framework for developing local search-based solvers. It supports the concepts of constraint-based local search to model different types of optimization problems, and has a dedicated domain specific language as well as a library of parametric neighborhoods to define search procedures declaratively.

OscaR.CBLS is part of the OscaR project also featuring constraint and linear programming. OscaR is freely available under the LGPL V2.1 Open Source license and is entirely written in Scala.

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