New Agile Platform for a Lifelong Engineering of Software

The NAPLES platform allows SMEs to standardise application development according to the international standard ISO 29110 through workflow-oriented software development.

Domaine: Software industry 


Project team : Jean-Christophe Deprez


NAPLES promotes the standardisation of software development and project management through workflow-oriented software development, and allows SMEs to standardise their development according to ISO standards. The project increases awareness of the ISO 29110 standard and promotes its adoption through the implementation of workflow covering the standard’s entry profile in an online platform.


  • Integration of software engineering tools for project management and requirement management in the NAPLES platform;
  • Implementation of workflow templates based on the ISO 29110 entry profile for execution by the Bonita Open Solution workflow engine;
  • Implementation of a portal to provide information to different users according to their role in a given project. The portal also provides summarised informa- tion on project data via dashboards.

Added value

In the software industry, SMEs have difficulty standardising their development process, owing to the complexity of the jargon and structure of the ISO standard on development life-cycle processes. As a result, SMEs cannot be officially recognised as companies providing good software in their field which therefore limits their growth potential.

The NAPLES platform helps SMEs to standardise their software development tasks according to the international standard ISO 29110 at a greatly reduced cost.