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Connect ALM tools thanks to the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Specification

The overall acceptance of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) platforms is growing slowly. A likely barrier to take-up is their limited tool interoperability. Currently, each ALM platform vendor predetermines a list of tools with which its ALM platform connects. Unfortunately, connecting new tools often requires integration effort. The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration specification (OSLC) is changing the game. If a tool provides an API compliant with the OSLC specification, it will then seamlessly integrate with OSLC-compliant ALM platforms. Few commercial ALM platforms currently implement the OSLC specifications, but a growing number of tools are now proposing OSLC compliant API.
After a presentation of the current ALM platforms situation, a review of ALM tools is presented. Subsequently, a several queries where data from different tools are aggregated are used to demonstrate the power of OSLC. Finally, the talk concludes on the perspective and challenges of ALM platforms of the future.

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