Low cost train automatic control

Locotrac project aims to develop low-cost technologies to secure regional and local railway lines including mechanisms of ATP (Automated Train Protection). The project will integrate these new technologies into onboard products, track products and telecoms specially adapted to these lines.


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Domaine: Transport & logistics 



The project objectives are:

  • Better understanding of the specific market needs of European regional and
    local railway lines (but also worldwide due to the standard ERTMS);
  • The search for new system concepts that aim to meet their needs with a low
    cost LCC (Life Cycle Cost);
  • Integration of new technologies (security architecture, localization technique, new telecom technology,...) in the specification and development of new products;
  • Finding the highest level of compatibility with the ERTMS standard ensuring a level of interoperability between these lines and trunks;
  • To prepare adequately the development of new standards, prerequisite to actually open market (harmonization of specifications and developed by
    European industrial solutions);
  • Demonstrate these new concepts through a mock-up of the new systems, subsystems and produce a full-scale experiment on the railway site;
  • To validate these new concepts by taking into account performance level, RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) level and ERTMS interoperability level. The research undertaken by the CETIC in this project concerns software hardening. This technique makes possible to reach a high level of safety for software-executing security function.


Hardening algorithms have been specified and a development compatible with a critical use (SIL4) is under development.

Added value

The hardening algorithms will allow ALSTOM to deliver low-cost equipments and so to increase his competitiveness on the international market.