A light and versatile industrie 4.0 demonstrator

Domaine: Manufacturing 


Project team : Stéphane Mouton


Many walloon industrial companies remain at an early stage in their digital transition. The "Made Different" initiative led by the AdN tries to remedy this weakness, but examples of technological contributions would reinforce the desire of companies to embark on transformation projects towards the ’Industry of the future’.

CETIC and SIRRIS design and produce together an industrial demonstrator intended to inspire Walloon companies so that they identify and plan for this type of initiative.


The demonstrator is a light, transportable structure, based on equipment (Niryo One robot arm, mini belt conveyor, ...) used in industrial training and prototyping.

In order to stimulate the innovation of other "Made Different" players as well as companies, in particular SMEs, the demonstrator will be open to experiments and improvements.

The Keys2success demonstrator will illustrate the eight key levers of Industry 4.0 identified in the Roland Berger report to strengthen the competitiveness of the Walloon industry. The miniature and transportable production chain, which constitutes the demonstrator, implements these eight levers, namely:

  • Continuous management of operations,
  • Integration of advanced production systems,
  • Mass customization,
  • Continuous monitoring of production,
  • Augmented operators,
  • Smart products,
  • Virtual design,
  • Intelligent resource management.

The demonstrator will be presented at CETIC and will also be used during demonstration events in collaboration with Digital Wallonia.

Added value

The combined technological expertise of CETIC and Sirris makes it possible to demonstrate emerging technologies, which lie beyond the state of current industrial practice. Through the demonstrator and the exchanges it will generate, CETIC will be able to increase its knowledge of the problems encountered by companies in their digital transition and adapt its research themes accordingly.