Jean-Christophe Deprez

Jean-Christophe Deprez

Research & Innovation Director



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Data Science 

Engineering of complex IT systems 

Dr. Jean-Christophe Deprez has been at Centre d’Excellence en Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (CETIC) in Charleroi, Belgium, since 2005 where he is Innovation and Research Director. He received his doctorate from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette in May 2003. Since 2008, Dr Deprez is an ISO representative for Belgium in various ISO/IEC JTC1 Subcommittees, namely, SC7 on Software and System Engineering, SC27 on Security, and TR215 on Health Informatics. He is also the CETIC lead contact point to the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO). He has coordinated CETIC contributions to H2020 and FP7 European projects such as TANGO, ASCETiC, EVIDENCE, REDIRNET, and DEPLOY and coordinated the FP6 project QualOSS on Quality in Open Source.

Prior to joining CETIC, Dr. Deprez was an assistant professor at Pace University, New York, USA (2001-2005). From his initial steps in Research, his work has been dedicated to improving the quality of software through the coupling of static and dynamic analyses of software project data at the code and program level as well as studying development processes to improve human stakeholders interactions during the development lifecycle.