Contribute for Wallonia

Contribute for Wallonia

Decarbonization of Energy and Mobility, Control & Security of Systems


The main industrial players (large enterprises and SMEs), in partnership with universities and research centers active in the sectors of mobility, transportation, and associated energies, as well as system security and controls, have come together in a Strategic Innovation Initiative (SII CONTRIBUTE Platform). Through this initiative, they intend to pool their efforts to build a sustainable and inclusive future economy.

The ambitions of this SII with respect to the S3 strategic areas are:

  • Ensure sustainable and safe mobility,
  • Produce, store, convert, and use green energy sustainably,
  • Contribute to the circular economy,
  • Develop systems for control and security.

Key actors of the initiative:

The consortium was created to cover as many segments as possible of the value chains in mobility and energy in Wallonia targeted by this SII:

  • At the level of products and services, the majority of sectors and segments of the value chain are covered by industrial partners (large enterprises and SMEs).
  • At the level of applied technologies, the three cross-cutting technological axes are covered by academic and research partners.

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