#EUAIWeek23 Cybersecurity track

#EUAIWeek23. Cybersecurity track

On Tuesday March 28, the program of AI Week makes the connection between the field of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

Date: 28-03-2023

Event: CETIC talks 


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09:00 Opening session cyber security track: The challenges of CyberSecurity

  • Axel Legay

The digitalization is ever more present in our daily environment. It brings immense advantages for our citizens, rendering everyone’s lives easier to manage, connecting more and more people and letting citizens connect to machines. This evolution/revolution is accompanied by the awareness that this needs to be able to evolve in a secure environment and that the potential risks need to be identified and addressed.

10:00 The Road to a Cyber Command at Belgian Defence

  • Michel Van Strythem
  • Eric Van Cangh

Securing our nation and protecting the people organizations and systems is a joint effort. The Belgian Cyber Command, takes part in this protection in an active way, supporting the Defence organization as well as other stakeholders and entities.

11:00 Franqui Chair on Cybersecurity

  • Bart Preneel

Since Caesar, we have protected data through evolving encryption algorithms of different strengths and models. This encryption is being impacted by the arrival of A.I., and down the line by Quantum computing.

A.I. is used as well to create and build, as well as to exploit existing algorithms. The present and the future are affected by this rapid technological and logical evolutions.

12:00 How to make Belgium one of the least cybervulnerable countries in Europe ?

  • Miguel de Bruycker

The objective of the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB), Belgium's national cyber security agency, is to make Belgium one of the least cyber vulnerable countries in Europe, and therefore to effectively protect citizens, public administrations, companies and vital interest operators against the ever increasing and more complex cyber threat. Miguel De Bruycker, Director General of the CCB, will present the policy implemented to achieve this ambitious objective, and the concrete projects associated with it.

Cybersecurity must become a routine part of everyone's daily life. This will be possible thanks to the implementation of an "active cyber protection" and its 4 pillars which are the involvement of users, the undermining of malicious infrastructures, spearwarning, and validated services. The definition of a complete, applicable and certifiable security framework will also play an important role, as well as concrete support for organisations. This approach is of course in line with the constantly changing European regulatory context.

14:00 How to boost Cyber Skills in Belgium ?

  • Dimitra Liveri
  • Georges Ataya
  • Sebastien Deleersnyder
  • David Vanderoost
  • Eric Van Cangh

With the emergence of A.I., the training and knowledge of operators in security evolves rapidly. The increase in capacity on the defensive and offensive sides created by A.I. bring with it challenges in an already tense market where security resources are scarce.

A.I. will support the security staff but also create new threats and ways of defense. The skill sets at all levels of the security spectrum will need to evolve through new curriculums, new training and new profiles to address the challenges.

15:00 Cybersecurity Plans and Projects

  • Sophie Lavaux
  • Jeremy Grandclaudon

The different regions of Belgium know their organizations and setups in the field of cybersecurity. This is a moment where we can discover the ongoing initiatives, the possible learnings and get insights in best practices.

16:00 Quantum Computing & Cyber

  • Stephane Clemmen
  • Pascal Rogiest

The current impact of the evolving presence of A.I. in society will likely increase exponentially with the arrival of Quantum computing. It is likely that current security best practices will be under pressure with this evolution, and that we will need to adapt to the ever quicker learning machines.

17:00 AI & Cyber

  • Axel Legay
  • Bart Renard
  • Xavier Lessage

Cyber is affected in several ways by A.I., both in the offensive and defensive fields. Cyber-attack are already appearing through the (mis)use of deep-fake videos, and used in practice by criminal extortion gangs and in state sponsored FIMI campaigns. On the other hand, cyber protection is also enhanced by well deployed A.I. countermeasures.

18:00 Evening conference - Networking Cyber in Belgium

  • Luigi Rebuffi
  • Jo Demuynck

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