IDEES - Proofs of Concept

IDEES - Proofs of Concept

Within the IDEES project portfolio, the "Proofs of concept" project intends to develop industrial use cases based on the technological bricks studied in two other IDEES projects, namely "Technology Foundations" and "Co-innovation". These use cases are grouped in three topics : mHealth, Move - mobility of people and goods -, and Efficiency - Smart Building & Smart Manufacturing applications.

Domaine: Software industry 



Proofs of concept is one of 4 projects within the IDEES portfolio. This project develops industrial use cases starting from the innovative ICT technologies studied in another project of the portfolio - Technology Foundations -, and integrating the process and collaborative results of Co-innovation project. The use cases are defined according to the inputs provided by companies of the Walloon eco-system to leverage these technologies in a practical context addressing the current and future challenges of these companies.


The pilots will study several use cases, developed according to an agile approach, which encourages frequent releases by working on short iterative cycles in order to quickly integrate feedback of companies and users and, on this basis, continually enrich the first prototypes.

Added value

Industrial pilot developments must allow the validation of new ICT technologies studied in the IDEES portfolio in industrial situations, in order to facilitate their evaluation and integration by companies.