Information System Automation

ComodIT project aims to simplify and secure Cloud computing technologies by developing a new approach to automate provisioning and management of complete and integrated IT and mobile infrastructures during their entire lifecycle.


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Domaine: Software industry 


Thanks to this ambitious project, the cumbersome current approach of manually managing highly distributed systems will be replaced with an integrated and scalable approach for managing such information systems. ComodIT project will allow the description of a comprehensive list of its underlying components and consolidate the parameters to define how to assemble these components in an optimal way. Concretely, users will control their infrastructure through a central orchestration unit which offers a seamless interface to manage every application or component of the cloud, whatever the underlying OS.


ComodIT project has three-pronged objectives:

  1. Formalize : A standardized way to describe all requirements, methods and resources;
  2. Orchestrate : A single touch-point to manage resources, provisioning & configurations; and
  3. Automate : A platform to automate the various IT processes and react to events from within the infrastructure.


ComodIT project results are expected to address market needs by:

  1. Providing an integrated solution for simplified management of the information systems;
  2. Reducing the cost of installation and management of the information systems;
  3. Improving the overall quality by minimizing the number of human errors and increasing the coherence of the information systems as a whole;
  4. Allowing rapid deployment of information systems to improve business flexibility and consequently reducing the time to market;
  5. Providing a new platform and commercial avenues for software vendors who intend to opt for the Software as a Service (SaaS) paradigm.

Added-value for Businesses

As the emerging markets strive for more and more flexibility in managing the IT solutions, the ComodIT project will leverage the advantages of Cloud Computing technologies to serve these enterprises. The key benefit of ComodIT project results for the businesses is the provision of simplified yet flexible computing solutions that can scale up to very large infrastructures; and can seamlessly support the features generally sought by the SMEs (such as "on-demand" and "pay as you grow"). The simplified management of underlying computing resources will enable the information system managers to coherently add or remove virtual machines, applications or any other piece of their IT infrastructure via a simple request through the ComodIT interface. Thanks to this abstraction layer, no consideration should be given to operating system flavour or version in order to install and configure any piece of software. This means, for instance, that a single unified click in the graphical interface can open the same firewall port or install the same web server on multiple machines, whatever heterogenous they might be.