Centre de recherche en aéronautique

Cenaero supports companies in their product, service and/or process innovations using digital simulation, optimisation and artificial intelligence methodologies and tools. The centre is active in the Aerospace, Transport, Processes, Energy, Buildings and Environment sectors.

Activities: Research 

Collaborations: R&D Partner 


Cenaero is an applied research center located in Gosselies. Our mission is to help the technological industry create innovative products, services, and processes by using digital technology such as simulation, optimization, and data analysis. Initially founded to assist the aerospace industry, Cenaero has also been working with the Energy and Smart Cities and Buildings sectors for the past several years.

Knowledge & Skills

We provide expertise in the use of digital technology for the diagnostics, design, and smart management (predictive monitoring and demand-side management) of buildings that are isolated or connected to the grid. We work in four main areas:


In photovoltaics, we have expertise in wind studies in urban settings (thermal comfort) and envelopes (mechanical design), as well as with the characterization of turbulence and aerothermal exchanges near envelope elements in open spaces. We have consequently developed expertise in the mechanical design of photovoltaic installations of every kind, allowing us to offer load optimization solutions to engineering and design firms as well as expertise services to the insurance industry.

We can also guide companies in the estimation of an installation's yield by evaluating panel heating, which requires detailed characterization of the aerothermal interaction between the panels and the surrounding environment. We develop tools to characterize brazing and welding that can be used to size the module frames and mounting systems.