Development of an Electronic Patch for Geolocation and Fall Detection of People with Mental Deterioration

The e-Patch project aims to study and develop an electronic patch equipped with long-range wireless communication allowing for geolocation and fall detection. E-Patch will be designed to improve the tele-monitoring of people with mental deterioration and to optimise their support in case of critical incidents like fall or loss.


Scalability of embedded systems and IoT networks 

Domaine: Health 



In the current context of an ageing population with an increase of the number of people with mental deterioration (memory impairment, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive disorders, etc.), the need is more and more stressed for monitoring and supporting services with appropriate handling of the specific demands of this category of persons.

To address this problem, the e-Patch project aims to provide an innovative technological tool consisting of an intelligent electronic patch that can detect falls reliably, locate the wearer and then provide remote and automatic messaging for quick and effective support to the affected person.


The project partners are designing an electronic patch, optimizing the resource usage - lowest cost, lowest electric consumption -, and providing the best comfort for the wearer. To achieve these goals, flexible printed circuits are used. The project also focuses on integrating electronics in a medical grade patch, and solving the corresponding manufacturing issues. A proof of concept is currently being tested.

CETIC is primarily responsible for the design and prototyping of the electronic component of the patch.

Added Value

CETIC ensures technology transfer to the industrial partners of the project that will further push the project results through the industrialization and commercialization of the prototype. An advisory committee, made up of health professionals and industrials has been established to oversee the research.

The project will also help CETIC deepen its expertise in design of Ultra Low-Power embedded systems which will apply and benefit to many application domains beyond the project.