Projects Wal-e-Cities/ECO and Wal-e-Cities/LIV

Wal-e-Cities project aims at the integration of digital into local policies in Wallonia to make it a connected and intelligent territory


Co-creation for digital 

Domaine: Digital Society 

Asset: Dmway 


Project team : Bérengère Nihoul

Wal-e-Cities aims to build innovative citizen driven IoT solutions in mobility, energy efficiency, governance and well-being. All these developments are based on new wireless communication channels using street furniture and public lighting.
Wal-e-Cities is also market-oriented to facilitate the development of innovative ecosystems driving technological breakthroughs, addressing societal challenge, fostering startups, and giving Walloon companies a competitive advantage

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"The ECO project consists in the development of a Walloon ecosystem around the issue of the living environment and the well-being of the citizen.

The CETIC will be involved in three phases:

  • The establishment of a network of Walloon actors
  • Experimentation and technological valorization
  • The support and sustainability of the Walloon economic environment


The projects on "The urban environment and citizen well-being" (LIV projects) of the Wal-e-Cities portfolio aims to respond to the challenges of citizen well-being in future Smart Cities