TRAnsPort Intelligent Service Technologique



Trapist is a project of technological guidance for the transport and logistics companies. In an industrial sector constantly evolving, they should implement up-to-date technologies to meet new challenges and stay competitive. Initiated by the Walloon Region, the project was awarded to two research centers, Multitel and CETIC, responsible for providing and transferring their expertise to interested companies. As a partner on the project, CETIC focused its work on aspects related to road transport and embedded systems in the cabin.

Transfer of Expertise towards SMEs

Among the companies that received the support of guidance, Market-IP was accompanied by CETIC in optimizing its applications (geo-marketing, management of fleet vehicles, geo-planner and GPS-tracking). Besides, different analysis on standards, technologies, architectures and equipments where conducted for industrial partners regarding their needs. For example we studied ways to track goods in a multi-modal transport context.

Collaboration with Research Centres

As part of the support activity, a collaboration between CETIC and Road Research Center led to the study of a new system of truck data processing "curviamètre". It measures the resistance of the road surface to pressure and thus indirectly the level of wear. CETIC has prototyped the chain of data post-processing.


Program Guidance Technologique

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