Data Analysis in manufacturing, Application to Steel Industry

Data Analysis in manufacturing, Application to Steel Industry

TEKK Tour Digital Wallonia

Digitization is spreading in plants and along production lines. This trend is accompanied by a growing interest in data analysis.

Date: 28 November 2017

Domaine: Manufacturing 

Author : Stéphane Mouton

Industry presents specific constraints which must be taken into account for data management. CETIC analyses industrial requirements regarding data management in the field of steel production, gains experience in order to address them through several research projects (more information on this page).

Data analysis has a big impact in this sector and can for instance transform the Steel Industry (see this roadmap).

Stéphane Mouton, Software & Services Technologies Department Manager, made a presentation on this topic during the TEKK Tour Digital Wallonia and presented some Research ideas by CETIC, deriving from feedback of industrial sector.

As part of the KIKK Festival, TEKK Tour Digital Wallonia is a two days international meeting organized by INFOPOLE, WBI, AWEX, EEN, Cluster TWIST, AdN and MecaTech. The event was dedicated to innovation and business. The focus has been on the big challenges of our society: Industry 4.0, IoT and Cybersecurity

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