Our last results in optimisation presented at ICORES

Our last results in optimisation presented at ICORES

CETIC will attend the ICORES conference dedicated to operational research and enterprise systems organised in Porto from 23 to 25 February to present the latest improvements to its OscaR optimization engine .

Date: 25 February 2017

Event: CETIC talks 


Algorithmic and combinatorial Optimisation 

Domaine: Transport & logistics 

About project: SAMOBI 

Contact : Gustavo Ospina

Gustavo Ospina will present an algorithm and related data structures to efficiently manipulate integer sequences in constrained-based local search. These developments enable important speed up in the optimisation of planning problems and in particular vehicle routing. CETIC applies it in particular to the problem of "pick-up and delivery" developed within the framework of the project SAMOBI and prototyped in the OscaR open source library.