North West Europe Dynamic Ridesharing

Today, carpooling platforms have a very tight supply in terms of information, number of users and journeys, especially across borders. NweRIDE proposes to improve the adoption of carpooling via an exchange platform for carpool operators.


Data Science 

Domaine: Transport & logistics 



NweRIDE aims to interconnect carpool and public transport operators in order to increase the relevance of carpooling offers, hence promoting ridesharing. This interconnection is done thanks to an IT platform that is focused on dynamic carpooling, i.e. for non-scheduled trips, especially for cross-border journeys (Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Germany).


CETIC implements the interconnection platform using the RDEX standard. This standard enables carpooling systems to share carpooling offers in a secure way via Programmable Web.

CETIC also participates in the development of high value-added services using semantic web data sources promoting mot 242.

Finally, CETIC leads a pilot project that aims to foster carpooling among companies located in the same business park thanks to the sharing of their business events agendas.

Added value

The project aims to offer a new one-stop-shop solution for carpooling based on mobile technologies, using web data sources, able to adapt itself to the users needs, updated in real time, and able to offer alternatives based on public transport when needed.
The expertise acquired during the project will allow CETIC to better support SMEs as regards advanced problems related to the interconnection of web-based IT systems, in order to provide new value-added services.