Ethical Use of Electronic Health Information


Data Science 

Domaine: Health 


Project team : Xavier Lessage


The INAH (Institute of Analytics for Health) research project aims at creating a Walloon entity for enabling the ethical use of electronic health information based on the infrastructure provided by the Walloon Health Network. It covers both academic and applied research purposes. Key drivers are the societal profitability dimension and the improvement of patient follow-up.


The expected results of the pilot phase are to validate:

  • the technical feasibility by identifying the technical and operational barriers and opportunities for the successful deployment of INAH
  • the legal feasibility by validating that no crippling obstacle prevents the planned operation for the legal point of view especially related to sensitive data issues
  • the business model by suggesting a sustainable business operation model for the Institute in relation with the local health ecosystem

Added Value

The project added value will be to:

  • better structure and secure access to health data for research purposes
  • stimulating innovation on a larger scale
  • generate new medical knowledge and improve patient follow-up
  • provide new tools encouraging the adoption of a data-driven culture
  • provide privacy-by-design mechanisms for data privacy