Anonymous multi-source counting statistics

Anonymous multi-source counting statistics

New methodology applied to the health sector

Terence Delsate, Mohamed Boukhebouze : 4th Edition Of The IEEE Workshop On ICT Solutions For Ehealth (ICTS4eHealth 2019), in conjunction with the 24th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (SCC 2019)

Date: 30 juin 2019

Publication: Publications scientifiques 

Domaine: Santé 

A propos du projet: INAH 

We present a technique for estimating the size of a statistical population spread across multiple sources. Each sources can overlap others, possibly leading to over-counting individuals in naive approaches. The methodology we introduce further guarantees that the process is performed in an anony- mous way, i.e. without explicitly sharing individual data. We propose to apply this approach to the medical sector, where the input data are particularly sensible, and where anonymity is usually a requirement. Our methodology applies well for coordinated counting estimates, but can be in principle extended to generate data sets.

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