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Software Engineering and Modeling

Requirements Engineering
System Modelling
Software Development Sizing
Knowledge Management

Advanced Software and Algorithm Design

Software Certification

Software developement life cycle

Helping Enterprises Reach Higher Levels of Quality in Their Software Development Processes and Products Creating high quality software on time and within budget is a risky endeavour. If this risk is not well managed, major rework and maintenance costs will be incurred. With its strong software engineering expertise and its status as trusted third party, the Software an System Engineering (SSE) department actively helps organizations effectively manage the software product development and maintenance (...)

Software Code Quality
Software testing
Software Product Lines
User Interfaces
IT Development Process Quality

Cloud Computing Automation

Cloud-ready software deployment
Cloud infrastructure management
Cloud Computing

Distributed Architectures

Programmable Web
Service Oriented Architectures

Data Management

The Software and Services Technologies (SST) department covers key areas shaping the Future Internet : Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) – also known as the Programmable Web, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web, Big Data and Open Source software technologies. CETIC helps companies to take advantage of the latest trends and technological advances in these fields and in particular to build scalable and flexible applications and infrastructures.

Big Data Infrastructures
Semantic Web resources
Search and indexation - Indexing Digital Content

Open Source and Open Data

Open Source Software

Internet of Things

The Embedded and Communicating Systems (ECS) department develops innovative solutions in the integration of embedded systems based on wireless technologies and programmable logic. ECS studies new technologies and processes in the world of embedded systems and sets up proofs-of-concept to demonstrate efficient solutions to industrial problems.

Wireless technologies

Hybrid Hardware Architectures & FPGA

Advanced Architectures


Wireless laboratory
Software Engineering Lab