Taking better decisions with Web data

DeciWeb aims at enhancing traditional Business Intelligence analyses by retrieving and integrating relevant data from the Web.


Data Science 

Domaine: Software industry 



Business intelligence (BI) is a discipline that provides support to decision- makers, based on the analysis of large datasets. This process can detect new trends, predict the emergence of new competitors or compare information from various data sources. These data sources are internal to the company, i.e. the data are produced, controlled and mastered internally. At the same time, data available on the web have dramatically increased and represent an interesting data source for companies to enrich their own data.

DECIWEB’s objective is to propose an approach to allow companies to perform BI analyses such as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) on corporate but also on external data sources available on the web.


The integration of web data into the corporate data warehouse is time and effort-consuming. To tackle this challenge, the proposed approach applies technologies of distributed databases to data warehousing, thus considering web data sources as part of the federation (i.e. combination).

CETIC produced a report on the state-of-the-art in the integration of web data inside corporate data warehouses. CETIC also designed a language to express the schema of this federated/augmented data warehouse.

Added value

SMEs will be able to enhance their business intelligence in a simple and powerful way thanks to the service-oriented Cloud API developed by CETIC which facilitates the integration of web data into their business analyses.

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