Construction 4.0 - Build4Wal

Construction 4.0 - Build4Wal

Smart Buildings, Construction & Construction

The Build4Wal project, also known as Construction 4.0, aims to stimulate the digital transition of the Construction sector and enable businesses to increase their profitability, competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


Scalability of embedded systems and IoT networks 

Domaine: Energy and environment 

Asset: Dmway 


Project team : Amel Achour


The aim of the project is to sensitize the actors of the various building sectors to new technologies and their potential contributions within their activities. These demonstrators will also help to train building apprentices to new technologies.


The main expected result is a "digital construction HUB" allowing on the one hand the illustration of the most recent digital technologies and, on the other hand, their interconnection through specially developed scenarios.

The hub will be dedicated to three major themes. The first will be the construction phase, the second and third will concern the building in the design and use phase. To this end, two specific infrastructures will be built and co-facilitated by the aforementioned technological players.

Added Value

Through the collaboration of three Walloon research centers and the CCW, this project spreads new technologies in the construction sector and guarantees the training of future players in the construction sector.