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Fostering the use of ICT in the building industry


ContrucTIC aims at fostering the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the building industry. Several topics are covered:

  1. Connected and mobile solutions: make the information available where the building contractors stand, including technical files.
  2. Solutions for optimising the allocation of resources: simplify the transfer of information between the construction sites and the company offices (dispatching and reporting), geo-localisation of equipment,...
  3. Solutions for optimising execution time: planning of the various activities and resources of the company.
  4. Harmonise practices among the various actors, all along the building value chain
  5. Optimise the internal processes: including the design phase, ordering, buying process, preparation and execution of the construction work.
  6. Project portals and document management: allow a collaborative management between the various stakeholders of a project.

Transfer of Expertise towards SMEs

This technological guidance targeted Walloon companies active in the building industry, especially SME’s. The experts involved in the research centres have ensured a specific technical support for the innovative use of ICT, according to their sectors (building, road, ICT).
Many companies were contacted: building, civil engineering, building trade, as well as ICT companies serving them. Workshops mixing representatives from building industry and ICT companies have been organised in order to favour exchange of best practices and align demand and offer.

Collaboration with Research Centres

This guidance brings together the Belgian Building Research Institute, as coordinator, the Belgian Road Research Centre, and CETIC. The guidance allowed to share and leverage technology watch activities, analyse concrete use cases, and forecast the technology needs of the targeted sector.