CETIC booth at Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons

CETIC booth at Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons

At the invitation of Microsoft Belgium, CETIC proposed three demonstrations on its stand at the opening of the Microsoft Innovation Center on March 4 in Mons.

Date: 4 March 2009

Event: CETIC talks 

About projects

Unique opportunity for CETIC teams to show innovative solutions developed through research projects funded by the Walloon Region and the European Commission. Among the projects highlighted by CETIC let’s note projects ECMR and C2A in the area of transport logistics; BEinGRID project in the field of Grid computing and a prototype of a digital photo album, the Picview developed for H.O.P. society.

CETIC active for three years in projects eHealth (Walloon Region and FP6 - Project OLDES) is actively collaborating with Microsoft in this research area. The objective is to integrate into new eHealth platforms for advanced service composition open source technologies, but also technologies proposed by Microsoft and used by many IT Walloon SMEs.