International Conference on Software Technologies

CETIC will take part at the ICSOFT 2017 conference to ensure the dissemination of a international survey carried out by the PRIMa-Q project. It will also to present the results of a long lasting collaboration with the Walloon company Respect-IT.

Date: 26 July 2017

Event: CETIC talks 

Domaine: Telecommunications 

About project: PRIMa-Q 

Contact : Christophe Ponsard

On one hand, CETIC will be involved in the European Research Area, consisting of a panel, poster session and demo space to promote the international survey carried out within the framework of the PRIMa-Q. The purpose of this survey is to collect information on risk management in small and medium-sized enterprises which are often limited in the resources (people, tools) they can devote to this task.

On the other hand, CETIC will also present a synthesis of the R&D work carried out over several years to help the Respect-IT company to develop its requirements engineering toolset mainly in the context of a collaboration with the Chinese giant Huawei.