CETIC at Grid@Mons

CETIC at Grid@Mons

May 8-9, 2008 - Mons

The BEinGRID Business Experiment ’Visualisation and Virtual Reality’ (BE03) lead by CETIC will be presented through a live demonstration at the Grid@Mons event to be taking place on May 8-9 in Mons, Belgium.

Date: 8 May 2008

Event: CETIC talks 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

About project: BEinGRID 

This live demonstration will be part of a stand presenting BEinGRID and BE03. The objective of BE03, involving CETIC, FPMs, Art&Build & Mental Image, is to drastically increase performances of 3D rendering used by architects without expensive additional hardware investment by distributing rendering services using Grid technologies.

Damien Hubaux and Stéphane Mouton, CETIC, Belgium will also give a presentation on BEinGRID entitled ’Technical Requirements for Grid Use in a Business Environment’. The Business Experiments in Grid (BEinGRID) project ambitions to enable and validate the adoption of Grid technologies in major industrial and business sectors through the realisation of specific targeted business experiments and to set up Gridipedia, a repository of Grid solutions and industrial applications.

The presentation will focus on understanding the requirements for Grid use in commercial environments, embracing a broad spectrum of economic sectors with different needs in terms of technological Grid challenges, and involving software vendors, IT integrators, service providers and end-users. The talk will highlight how these requirements were collected, analysed and categorised. Details will be given about the most relevant capabilities identified, and their implementation. Finally, preliminary feedback from the Grid-enabled pilots about using these components will be provided.