Center of Expertise in Open Source Software

More and more IT solutions are using open source software at some stage. However, the path to successful adoption is not straightforward due to technological, economic and licensing reasons. On the other side, there are also good practices emerging from open source communities that can suit the needs of local IT companies.

Domaine: Software industry 



The CELLAVI project supports the specific needs of companies that want to make business use of Open Source software. Indeed, more and more IT solutions are using open source software at some stage. Many companies are interested in open source, from both the technological and economic perspectives, but the path to successful adoption is not straightforward, as the Open Source paradigm involves new licensing schemes and requires that clear economic choices be made.


CELLAVI enables CETIC to develop the required expertise, aligned with local business needs. On the technological side, the project focuses on middleware and “frameworks”, as well as the IT infrastructure (software management, deployment, data management,...). The project also takes into account open formats and interoperability and emerging fields, such as open hardware and automated software analysis.

The project also operates a proof-of-concept software forge tailored to the needs of typical SMEs, called Pallavi.

As regards dissemination, contributions are made to events, such as Les Jeudis du Libre and the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre’.

Added value

CELLAVI allows companies to assess the potential benefits of free software, including the technical economic and legal aspects. The experience gained from operating a forge suited to the needs of SMEs has drawn significant interest from companies inspiring them to enhance their development and collaboration processes. CETIC can also provide software quality insurance, based on open source tools and methodologies.